Weekly Messages

Weekly Messages

Whether you missed a weekend service, want to revisit a message point or illustration, or you simply want to know more about us before you come to visit, ​check out VIDEO messages here near the top of the page and message AUDIO at the bottom.

Message Series:

  • Current Series
  • He Shall Be Called
  • All The Feels
  • Pre-decided
  • Relationship Status
  • Revealed: Uncovering the Mystery of Revelation
  • Did God Really Say That?
  • Art of Neighboring
  • According to David: Life Lessons from a King
  • Main Things: 4 Areas That Require Life’s Focus
  • Gift Exchange: The True Gifts of Christmas
  • Swerve: Things to Avoid Negativity
  • The Red Stuff: Exploring the Incredible Words of Jesus
  • Ancient Posts: Timeless Wisdom for a Life on Purpose
  • Forward Progress: Keys to Living Spiritually Deep
  • Lord of Lords: Key Attributes of the Father
  • Standalone Messages
  • Weekend Messages
  • All Messages

Audio Messages

The Cornerstone Corner

Where RELATIONSHIP is at our core!

Simply, we are enthusiastic about all ages pursuing, experiencing & having an authentic relationship with Jesus, others, and our community.

We hope that you will be encouraged & challenged as you listen to our podcast and a message from one of our speakers. Prepare your heart & get ready to receive a word from God today!