We appreciate your contribution to Cornerstone Church! There are three options to give:


Online Gifts

All you have to do is click the “Give Online” button, which will lead you through a simple, secure online giving process.



1. Text. For an easy way to give, simply text your gift amount to 84321.

2. Confirm. You’ll get a confirmation text with a link. Follow the link to set up an account & process your transaction. You will only need to do this account step the first time.

3. Party. You are now set up to give through text! You should do a little dance to celebrate your gift and don’t forget to save the number to your contacts.


Bill Pay

This is one option that many people may not consider. If you go to your bank’s online console, you can have the bank send a check straight to Cornerstone on your behalf at no additional cost to you or any additional fees to the church.